Monday, January 2, 2012

Here it is the new year and much to our surprise we have no snow and not to bad of temp.
Today Jer and I went up to porcupine Dam and found it is still not frozen over about half of the lake is still open.
I just wanted everyone to know that this last year really hasn't been to bad of a year. I got to go to Canada hunting. Spent time with good friends, family, and had the ability to work and work to do.
To day I going to prune the apple trees around the house and maybe the raspberry bushes.
We have apple cider and if any one would like some just come and visit.
I will try and post a couple of pictures that didn't show up last time

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It seems very strange to post here again.
This was a great way to keep in touch when we were gone from home and now we are here it seem there is no need to post. I am not sure that anybody will read this but I would like to post a couple of pictures of a trip I did going to Canada this last month.
This lake is where I got tossed from the boat we were hunting from and I will just tell you it was cold with water pouring into my chest waders and being pulled along like a fishing lure.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last weekend was the first time that I have been on the water in two years. I went with a friend of mine who like's to hunt water fowl even more than I do. He has a jet boat that can run the snake river's rapids while going up stream against heavy current.
The first day was a warm thirty degrees in the afternoon that made life very nice for us to relax and enjoy the outdoors. While the ride up the river, well the ride down too, was for me kind of scary cause I was not in control of the boat nor am I an expert river runner. Good thing I wasn't in control I would have sunk us for sure.
My buddy Roger is a great friend and fun to be with. He kept calling me to come hunting with him even when he knew that I would more than likely turn him down cause of the work load I had at the time. Thanks Roger for all your calling.
We had a great time shot a few ducks, a couple of shots at geese, and just a wonderful time being out of doors.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well now it is January 2011 what a difference a year makes. Last year in Silver City. This year in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah working.
Silvers winter was a week of snow and some cold, this year we have had at least two feet of snow and below zero temps. I like Silver City. I also like the fact that we have had two new granddaughters born to us and they are both healthy and both moms are doing well. We have gotten to see brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters so the trade off has been worth it.

Work had been crazy for the last four months and now we have finished all the things we had going and wondering what we will be doing till spring breaks.

We had opened our home to a young man from the Silver City Area and he stayed with us for a couple of months before moving on.

This weekend I am going to go hunting for the first time in over two years and feel just a little nerves and yet excited about doing so again. I like to talk with the waterfowl ya know.

We have also had friends get sealed in the temple, go on mission's, and join the LDS church so all in all it has been a good year

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Well here it is five weeks since we have left Silver City. It has seemed like we had stepped sideways in time then stepped back in. Yet so many things had changed. Sherry's mom had died, my mom had gotten older, many of the local kids had started driving, my old nursery class had gone on to primary and didn't even remember me.
While we had been gone we had had the opportunity to grow spiritually, by just the need to learn what we needed to teach we gained greater insights to ourselves, religion , each other, and the desire to help others. We found so many good people of all walks of life, and religions that we have felt so blessed with the chance we had to serve a mission.
Our children grew so much, they took care of each other spent time together, and made it a point to include each other their lives.
We so much feel such a deep emotion of gratefulness for the love our children showed for us by taking care of the house, mow the lawn and just wanting to spend a little time at "home" to perhaps feel of our spirits.
Our kids, you children, told us that it wasn't so fun to come to Avon cause we weren't there, I have thought how that's kind of like when we die, the House was there, the yard, our "things" but the heart wasn't there, the spirit, while we came home things have changed. We have changed. I hope that in all of our changing as each of us grow older that the change's are for the good. That we would grow kinder, love each other more, have less time to do useless things, more time to serve, to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.
Love Dad